Supportive services

Inclusion Program

The Inclusion Program is for seniors with developmental disabilities and is available at our Senior Center locations in both Lacey and Olympia. This activity program provides the foundation to build strong social, recreational and educational networks in our community. We offer the resources and support for people with developmental disabilities to create relationships that will enrich and enhance their lives. In addition to developing new activities, our Inclusion Coordinator assists Inclusion participants in accessing our existing programs by providing individualized support and attention.

Who Qualifies for the Inclusion Program?

Seniors who have developmental disabilities, primarily those 60 and older.

How much does it cost? 

The Inclusion Program is free of charge to those who qualify. Additional funding is available for participants to join Senior Services for South Sound classes or to pay for trips that may charge a fee. Please contact us for more information.

Activities may include:

  • Arts & Crafts: Participants have the opportunity to make and create their own projects, which may take one to two sessions to complete
  • Bingo: Twice a month bingo program at the Olympia Senior Center and weekly bingo at the Virgil Clarkson Lacey Senior Center.
  • Games & Puzzles: Participants enjoy puzzles, games and other activities in the lobby.
  • Chair Exercises: Guided exercise time weekly in the Olympia Center Health Room.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteer positions are available for Inclusion participants within the nutrition program and at the coffee bar.

For More Information

Please contact Sue Gallaghar, our Inclusion Coordinator, at 360.586.6181 ext. 102
or via email at