Supportive Services

Resource Specialists

We care. We connect you with community resources.

Here at Senior Services for South Sound we have a phone line for Seniors to call when they have a question. The Resource Specialists are a group of volunteers and one staff member who specialize in answering all kinds of questions. We research local, state and national resources and provide up-to-date information on those resources to callers with a wide variety of needs. Some of the more common requests are focused on housing, food, transportation, and help in the home. We have lists of attorneys who specialize in senior issues and lists of organizations who can support families through difficult times. We are also the people who help qualified seniors get help from the PALS (Pet Assistance for Low-Income Seniors) Program. One of the things we do best is listen. Please leave us a message and we’ll call you back within a day or two.

Support Groups:

Please click here for a list of our support groups.

For More Information

Please contact our Resource Specialist Team at 360.586.6181 ext. 101
or via email at