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Olympia Senior Center

Speaker Series - Biodynamic Agriculture: Connecting with the Living Cosmos

Olympia Senior Center
Wed, August 3
10:00 - 11:30 am
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Free and open to the public
Start Date:
August 3, 2022


Additional Information:

Biodynamic agriculture, a holistic system that grew out of the investigations of Rudolf Steiner in the 19tand early 20 centuries in Germany, is now practiced in communities around the world. In this approach to agriculture, each farm is viewed as a unique living organism within the earth and universe — the Living Cosmos. The farmer seeks to grow food that is medicine for our health, our will and evolution,  supporting and nourishing the whole human being and the community.

John O’Brien worked in the medical field for 43 years as a physician assistant, and was board certified in family practice. He learned about biodynamic agriculture as a teenager in Rhode Island. He has always had a broad approach to health and wellness, which includes plant-based medicine, organic and biodynamic food as well as many other forms of healing such as acupuncture, shamanism, body/mind therapies, energy work and cranio-sacral therapy. 

Kerri Ward Merrill is a licensed esthetician and holistic skincare practitioner who has practiced her art in Olympia for the past 30 years. “‘Let your Beauty Shine Starlike from Within.’ This quote from a holistic skincare training I participated in changed the way I perceived my profession as an esthetician/skincare practitioner. Transitioning from a large corporate retail store to a small local alternative environment allowed me to see how the skincare products we use are so much more than just topical instant fixes. They affect our choices about how we care for the Earth as well as how we care for ourselves.”  

Maia O’Brien is a licensed physical therapist and registered dance therapist (body centered psychology focused on the mind/ body/ spirit connection). She specializes in using the creative arts to help promote personal, family and community health. She has studied Feng Shui, the Chakra system and astrology since 2001. John and Maia deepened their studies of biodynamic agriculture when they lived on a biodynamic avocado farm in Australia for 8 months in 2006. Since then, they have shared this knowledge with their community. (Left to right John, Maia, Kerri)

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